Nordic Travel Retail Group

Statement on sustainability

The Nordic Travel Retail Group understand that we have a responsibility to make expertise and studies on sustainability available to the industry and our member companies. We do this by inviting experts on sustainability, ESG and CSR to take part in our member meetings and conferences. We also work to include sustainability in our studies and market reports.

The global citizens will continue travelling and shopping, but this can be done in a more sustainable way. As the global climate is changing rapidly due to man-made climate changes, the Paris agreement and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals stress the sense of urgency for change but also include clear goals for how to make our planet livable for future generations.

Our industry has a value of USD 51 billion, thousands of employees around the world and millions of products manufactured, shipped and sold in day-to-day operations. Therefore, companies and associations involved in travel retail have an obligation to work strategically with the sustainability agenda.

Through our efforts we aim to provide our members with best-practices, strategies and tools to make informed decisions on sustainability, CSR and ESG in their businesses.



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