ETRC workshop: Our Industry Our Future

Invitation to workshop: “Our Industry Our Future – Facing the Challenges”

All members of NTRG are invited to participate at the ETRC Workshop on the 27th of January 2011 at the Brussels Airport Sheraton Hotel. The theme of the workshop is “Our Industry Our Future – Facing the Challenges” and the programme will address many issues that could have an effect on the day to day business and the future of our industry. Members of NTRG are asked to join in the debate and discuss together with other industry leaders these important issues.

The Workshop is free for members of NTRG. Attendance should be confirm by email to before the 31st of December.

The workshop programme is arranged to suit the arrival times from the major airports and train stations in Europe. However for those arriving the day before, ETRC has negotiated a special room rate of €140.00 per night as the Sheraton. To take advantage of this, please  use this form.  This reservation form should be faxed to the Brussels Sheraton Hotel before the 31st of December.

Workshop: “Our Industry, Our Future – Facing the Challenges”
A one day workshop – free of charge for Corporate Members of ETRC and members of National Associations
Brussels Airport Sheraton Hotel
January 27th, 2011

Moderator: Jacques Parson, Vice President

09.00‐10.30 Welcome & Coffee

10.30‐13.00 Morning session

Opening Address
Frank O’Connell, President

European Travel Retail Business performance 2010

Key Note Speaker – Vice Chairman Transport Committee European Parliament
Subject to confirmation

ESPACE VOYAGEUR – Toward a Real Single Market
• A separate legislative regime for Travel Retail
• The argumentation
• The benefits
• Progress to date, next steps and time table

13.00‐14.00 Lunch

14.00‐16.00 Afternoon Session

Airlines ‘one bag’ restrictions
• What is the impact?
• The risks of contagion
• Fighting back

Aviation Security & LAG’s
• Lifting restrictions 2011 and 2013
• The technology and implications
• Effective customer communication

Maximising Shopping Time
• Removing barriers to selling

Tobacco Campaign
• WHO update
• European and national legislation
• An effective industry response

Final Conclusions
Frank O’Connell, President

16.00‐17.00 Networking