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CPH Retail Increase

Moodiedavittreport.com reports that Copenhagen Airport’s concession revenue from retail and food & beverage for January to September has increased by 25 per cent year-on-year to DKK 609 million.

Further, the airport's overall non-aeronautical revenues reached a total of DKK 1,405 million in the first nine months of 2023, a 13 per cent increasement when compared to 2022.

The airport now expects the total passenger numbers for the full-year 2023 to reach 26.5 million vs. a previous forecast of 26 million.

Source: moodiedavittreport.com, 7 November 2023.

Nordic Passenger Numbers Update

Several Nordic airports and airport operators have released their passenger numbers for October.

Avinor reports that 4,5 million passengers travelled through its airports in October, a small increase of 1.5 per cent when compared to 2022 and some eight per cent behind 2019 numbers.
"International traffic is characterized by large differences between the countries. Traffic to Spain is down somewhat from last year, but is still 7 percent above the 2019 level, which makes the country the largest destination for Avinor. Italy, Greece, Germany and Poland also shows positive growth. On the other hand, traffic to our neighboring countries Sweden and Denmark has decreased when compared to 2019 and is decreasing in October by 21 and 12 per cent respectively", says Gaute Skallerud Riise, director traffic development in Avinor.

Swedavia's latest reports show that 2.9 million travelled through the operator's terminals in October, a six per cent increase when compared to the same month last year. "Despite the challenges presented by external factors, passenger volume at our airports increased by 6 per cent in October compared to October last year. Travel for in-person meetings continues to be a high priority in both private and professional life. International travel, mainly to Europe from Stockholm Arlanda Airport, continued to drive the upward trend, while domestic travel continued to show a slower pace of recovery during the month. Some of our regional airports, such as Luleå Airport, are showing a strong recovery and are almost back to pre-pandemic travel levels. But overall, domestic travel at our airports remains at about 70 per cent of pre-pandemic levels in 2019," says Jonas Abrahamsson, Swedavia's president and CEO.

Further, Finavia statistics show that 1.526.736 passengers travelled through Finavia's airports in October, a 5,2 per cent increase when compared to last year. 1.343.343 passengers travelled via Helsinki Airport, a 6,3 per cent increase when compared to October 2022.

Finally, In Denmark, Copenhagen airport reports that 2,5 million passengers travelled via its terminals in October, a 12 per cent increase when compared to the same month last year. "We have had a busy October, and the busiest days with around 100,000 passengers are on a par with what we experience in the summer. In the days around school fall holidays, many traveled to sun and heat in Southern Europe or spent their holiday in one of Europe's many larger cities", says Peter Krogsgaard, commercial director at Copenhagen Airport.

Source: finavia.fi, swedavia.com, hangar.no & cph.dk, 3 - 10 November 2023.

Strong EU Summer Recovery

Airports Council International (ACI) Europe has released its Q3 report for European air travel, which shows that passenger traffic across the European airport networks has increased by 12.1 per cent in Q3 when compared to the same period last year. and down by 3.1 per cent when compared to the same quarter in 2019.

Commenting on the latest statistics, ACI Europe Director General states, “The peak summer season has brought Europe’s airports ever closer to a full recovery in passenger traffic, with demand largely defying inflationary pressures, much higher air fares and geopolitical tensions. But beyond positive headline figures, there were significant variations in traffic performance across both national and individual airport markets. These reflect the impact of the war in Ukraine and more generally structural changes in the aviation market. Leisure and blended demand is king, still predominantly focused on intra-European and transatlantic routes - and very much driven by capacity expansion from Ultra-Low Cost Carriers".

A closer look at the numbers reveal that the best performing airports at EU-level when compared to 2019 levels are Luxembourg (up by 13.3 per cent), Greece (up by 12.9 per cent), Portugal (up by 11.0 per cent), Malta (up by 6.5 per cent), and Croatia (up by 6.4 per cent) ACI also notes that 'at the other end of the spectrum, impacted still by the war in Ukraine and the closure of Russian airspace to EU Airlines', Finland (down by 32.8 per cent), Slovenia (down by 26.1 per cent), Sweden (down by 26.1 per cent), Bulgaria (down by 19.6 per cent), Germany (down by 18.3 per cent), Latvia (down by 16.8 per cent) and Czechia (down by 15.6 per cent) are affected by current events.

Source: aci-europe.org, 3 November 2023.

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